15.09.2012, Beginn: 21:45 Uhr


Römisch-Germanisches Museum

Roncalliplatz 4

50667 Cologne


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One-time video performance ‘Cologne/Beijing/China’  on the walls of the Römisch-Germanisches Museum

As an ending of the celebrations of the China Year 2012 in Cologne, the architectural photographer HG Esch delivers the artwork to a brilliant cinematic staging:

On the façade of the Römisch-Germanisches Museum, photographed cityscapes of Chinese megacities like Shanghai, Chongching and Beijing are alienated and interwoven with vibrant moving pictures and animations in a video projection. The result is an associative image composition, which in focusing on architecture and city, celebrates the Beijing-Cologne connection. An audio-visual experience that builds into a homogeneous overall picture and promises an exciting final in the Cologne city center.

The specific nature of the projection is in the foreground - multiple projected images fill the entire length of the facade of the Roman-Germanic Museum and playfully use the dimension of its surface.

Film, photo and animation are connected and linked into a living collage that intoxicatingly tells a story of a distant world as the unknown and fascinating China gets brought to Cologne.

Under the artistic direction of HG Esch in close cooperation with ‘Lichtpiraten’ and supported by Samsung technology ‘Cologne / Beijing / China’ premieres on 15/09/2012 at 21:45 in the Römisch-Germanisches Museum.